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50 Shades of Waiting?

Are you waiting for your Fifty Shades of Grey hold? Have stories of steamy interludes piqued your interest? Are you curious about exploring sex, sexual desire, submission, domination, or just having some bedroom fun? While you wait for Fifty Shades of Grey, we have some long steamy looks, firm bodies, and torrid titles to tide you over.

The Crimson Petal and the White

Michal Faber (2008)

William Rackham is the central point in the story of Sugar, the clever street-wise prostitute, and Agnes, the naive picture of the Victorian feminine ideal. Sex, sexuality, desire, and lust are all woven into a captivating story, told from the perspective of all the characters. The Crimson Petal and the White is also available in a number of other formats. Reader beware: Sugar sees sex as an occupation, where nothing is taboo.

Dressed to Impress

An Erotica Collection (2013)

There are 10 stories in the Dressed to Impress collection featuring a wide variety of themes and characters, though every story shares the underlying theme of wardrobe and sexuality.

Sweet Addiction

Maya Banks (2012)

In the world of dominants and submissive the role of master and submissive is absolute. When Ren wishes to return to her former master Cole, her current master agrees, but only if it's for a short time. Cole agrees to the arrangement, but will he be able to relinquish Ren when the time comes?

Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and Other Writings

Sade (1990)

The Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat known for his libertine sexuality, penned a number of lusty tomes, including Justine. Justine's road to virtue is paved with orgies, sexual punishments, and any number of high colour antics. Reader beware, steamy scenes of non-consent, and so much more within.

Sex Criminals

Volume One, One Weird Trick
Matt Fraction (2014)

What would you do if you could freeze time whenever you climaxed? Suzie and Jon meet, sleep together, and realize that they both share this unique gift, now they just have to decide how best to use it.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

A. N. Roquelaure (1999)

Written by Anne Rice (yup, the vampire-writting Anne Rice) The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is the first in the Sleeping Beauty Quartet. Set in a medieval fantasy world, Claiming is an unflinching and explicit sexual adventure. Reader beware: scenes of BDSM, non-consent, ephebophilia, and pony play.

Story of O

Pauline Reage (1973)

The Story of O, or the story of female submission, is the journey of O's training then life as a submissive in France. Reader beware: BDSM themes, sexual violence. 

The Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Erotica

Maxim Jakubowski (2012)

More than 30 short erotic stories written over the last ten years by some of the most outstanding writers in the field. These stories explore the full range of human sensual and sexual experience.

Whip Smart

A Memoir
Melissa Febos (2010)

A candid and unflinching memoir about four years as a dominatrix in a midtown Manhattan dungeon. Reader beware: sadomasochism, sexual humiliation, and spanking of grown men.

Sex Talk

How to Tell Your Lover Exactly What You Want, Exactly When You Want It
Carole Altman (2004)

Whether sexually liberated or mildly timid, this book will help you to communicate your sexual needs to your partner. Concise writing and no-nonsense language, Sex Talk makes bedroom communication as simple as melting chocolate.

Sex Secrets of the Kama Sutra & Other Eastern Pleasures

Kayla Ricci (2011)

Go on an erotic voyage through the East and become a confident, skilled lover with Sex Secrets of the Kama Sutra and Other Eastern Pleasures. Just make sure to pack your delicates!

Better Sex in No Time

A Guide for Busy Couples
Josey Vogels (2013)

Work, shopping, laundry, dinner, repeat. Where is there time for sex? Better Sex in No Time is full of tips, tricks and time-guided experiences to try. You’ll never think of five minutes alone the same way again!


369 Facts to Blow You Away
Sadie Cayman (2013)

Fun and irreverent, Sex (369 Fact to Blow You Away) is full of hilarious and interesting tidbits about the world of sex: longest orgasm on record, the penis museum, and the speed of sperm. Titillating facts to wile away the hours.


Our Bodies, Our Junk
Scott Jacobson (2010)

Sex (Our Bodies, Our Junk) is the antithesis of all earnest sex guides. Funny but also useful, from the pen (and perhaps bedroom) of a former The Daily Show writer.

Fifty Shades of Pleasure

A Bedside Companion: Sex Secrets That Hurt So Good

Marisa Bennett (2012)

A kinky how-to for bringing your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies alive and into the bedroom. From beginner bondage to flogging, you might just want to try it all.

Bad Behavior 

Mary Gaitskill (2009)

Bad Behavior has a raw honesty that takes the reader by the hand, pulls, teases, squeezes, and leads.


DVD (2008)

Based on a short story from Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill, Secretary explores the relationship between a sexually dominant man and his submissive secretary.

SM 101

A Realistic Introduction
Jay Wiseman (1996)

SM 101 contains essential information for the benefit of BDSM beginners, written in a way that newcomers can understand. Thought-provoking and helpful, SM 101 is full of information and advice, personal anecdotes and real life insight.

Many Shades of BDSM

A Safe and Scintillating Entry Into the Escalating Pleasure of BDSM

Barry Dempsey (2012)

Fifty Shades of Grey has made the world buzz with the acronym BDSM. Many Shades of BDSM opens up frank discussions: it's okay to be shy, it's okay to ask questions, it's expected to set rules. Whether you're looking to spice up your sex life or learn about taking on the lifestyle, this book is like assless chaps: it covers just about everything.

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