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15 Digital Diversions in a (Still) COVID-19 World

While this past year has had its, ahem, challenges, it hasn’t been all bad. The digital world in which we live has shifted, offering digital options for things that were previously only available in person. Some improvements are practical, such as curbside pickup for just about anything. Others are just for fun.

Here are some of my favourite digital distractions from the pandemic:

If you love games and activities...

1. Digital escape rooms

Now you and your nearest (or furthest!) can try to escape a digital escape room. Using Solaro, I built an AMONG US digital escape room for grades 3-6, but it's fun for all ages. Are you ready to ESCAPE from MIRA HQ!

2. Digital Choose-Your-Own-Adventures

If you enjoyed watching Bridgerton or if you'd like to test your historical knowledge, check out this adult choose-your-own-adventure: SURVIVE THE TON. Want more Bridgerton? Check out our If you liked Bridgerton blog post to get your regency romance fill.

3. Narrative Telephone

A story-telling twist on the "telephone" game from the cast of Critical Role. For more about setting up your own Dungeon & Dragons game from home, check out this blog post, or these items from our catalogue.

If you love animals...

4. Animal webcams

Awesome animal webcams from around the globe. Check out our streaming video collection for more animals from home, or our version of Animal Crossing, Library Crossing, if that’s more your jam!

5. The dailypurrr

Simple line drawing of cats paired with their real world (and often ridiculous) inspirations on Instagram. To learn to draw your own cats, check out these titles.

No online meeting is complete without an appearance from an animal or small child. Love fur babies? Follow #petsonzoom for cute video and pictures. Need help brushing up on your Zoom game? We can help!

7. Quincy's Tavern

A warm and relaxing journey into self-care and beautiful food at a magical fantasy tavern on Tiktok. Quincy's Tavern owner has also started to read The Chronicles of Narnia as an adult story time on Tuesdays so grab your copy of the book today.

If you love arts and culture...

8. Tiktok musicals

The Bridgerton Musical (originals can be found here) complete with choreography and the Ratatouille Musical have become an international sensation! If either of these tickle your fancy, check out these other musicals you can watch from our catalogue right from your couch.

9. Sea Shanties

As a former Haligonian, I was delighted at the resurgence of Sea Shanties that happened this year. Singing Sea Shanties on Tiktok became another way people found to be alone and yet together this year. If you’d like to learn some, or just listen you can find some Sea Shanties in our catalogue.

10. Musical playoff

What happens when two musical greats trade performances on Twitter? The most epic musical battle throw down between Lin Manuel Miranda and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Check us out for more Lin Manuel Miranda or Andrew Lloyd Webber content.

Daily poetry from the charismatic Sir Patrick Stewart on Instagram. For more Captain Picard, here are some options for you to access from home. We have other options for Shakespearian Sonnets too!

12. Notorious Cree

Edmontonion @notoriouscree performs powerful Indigenous dances in iconic Edmonton locations. Try it for yourself with our Powwow Dancing of if language is more your speed, we also have our online Cree Language Classes. We also have stories by Indigenous authors and writings about Indigenous culture.

13. YEG from Home Check out Edmonton's tourist attractions from your couch! The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) offers #youragafromhome and the Royal Alberta Museums' RAM from Home has online exhibits and activities. For something more science-y (rather than arts-y), the TELUS World of Science has some fun DIY Science to enjoy from your kitchen! If you’d rather armchair travel, check out these world class virtual exhibits.

If you love to laugh...

14. Some Good News

A heartwarming and hopeful show dedicated entirely to good news hosted by John Krasinski. Speaking of heartwarming, check out our Librarian’s Edition of A Few of Our Favourite Things.

15. EPL’s own Failed It

A hilarious and endearing take on the hit Netflix show “Nailed It”, Failed It features EPL staff as both contestants and judges. For more baking from home, check out our Sustainable Kitchen Series paired with some baking cookbooks.

For even more amazing online content from EPL, check out our YouTube channel.

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