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Amazing Grace – Mary Hoffman (Author) & Caroline Binch (Illustrator) (1991)

Amazing Grace was a Reading Rainbow book, which among many other things means that it is pretty amazing.

This story is about a little girl who loves to act out the stories her grandmother tells her.

When her school is going to put on a production of Peter Pan two of Grace’s classmates tell her she cannot audition for the role, one tells her it’s because she’s a girl, the other because she’s black.

Understandably upset and confused Grace goes home and shares the problem with her mother and grandmother.

I thought this was a lovely story about a little girl and learning about how to live your dream and standing up for what you want.

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Dail, 1991

32 pages

ISBN: 9780803710405

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 4+

Hoffman, M. (1991). Amazing Grace (C. Binch, Illus.). London: Dial.

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