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Arthur (September 23, 1996)

Part One – D.W. has an imaginary friend, Nadine, who is afraid of scary rides, so when Arthur’s family and friends go to the amusement park D.W. opts to hand over her tickets to Arthur so that she can stay with Nadine.

Part Two – Arthur takes to many books out of the library, including a very popular book in a new series. When Arthur realizes the book is missing he recruits Binky to help him find the culprit who took the


Arthur  – Season One D.W.’a Imaginary Friend & Arthur’s Lost Library Book

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Directed By: Greg Bailey Written By: Marc Brown

Suggested Audience: G

Followed By: Arthur’s Pet Business & D.W., the Copycat

Brown, M. (Writer), & Bailey, G. (Director). (September 23, 1996). D.W.’s Imaginary Friend & Arthur’s Lost Library Book (Television series episode). Arthur. Arlington, Virginia: PBS.

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