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As You Wish – Jackson Pearce (2009)

Find something to say, Viola. Find something to do. I sink further back into the couch. Maybe it can swallow me, so I don’t look like a silent loser sitting here all awkward and shy. Maybe I should leave. No. I want to belong. I need to belong. I can belong. Without a wish. I exhale and force myself to sit up straight. I lean forward to glimpse Jinn and Lawrence sitting together on the patio. They’re here–one is invisible, true, but still. If they can do this, I can do this.

Viola doesn’t fit in, or at least it feels that way. As Viola is sitting in the middle of a Shakespeare class wishing she could belong in pops Jinn. A genie sent to give her three wishes.

The problem is the longer Jinn stays in the mortal world, the older he gets, the more he ages, just like a mortal.

The more time Jinn and Viola spend together the deeper they begin to feel for each other.

But as soon as Viola makes her third wish Jinn will return to Caliban, his home world, and Viola will forget him.

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Balzer & Bray, August 2009

304 pages

ISBN: 9780061661525

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 9-11

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