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Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (2009)

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Gatlin County was the epicentre of nowhere; until now.

There was a curse, there was a girl, and there will be a grave.

Ethan Wate, haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he loves, spends night after night trying to save her; the problem is, Ethan has never met the girl.

I appreciated that this book, unlike many others of its ilk, was written by two women from the male perspective.

Not being a man I’m not really sure how they did, but it was refreshing. I’m still a bit confused by some key plot points, for instance, the last half of the book/epic battle, yea, I have no idea what happened here.

I think it’s because it seemed rather clear to me what side Lena was on very early one, and so I was surprised by her surprise. Doesn’t mean I won’t read it again.

The Caster Chronicles

Followed By: Beautiful Darkness

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Brown Books, 2009 576 pages ISBN: 9780316042673

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 12+

Garcia, K. & Stohl, M. (2009). Beautiful Creatures. New York: Brown Books.

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