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BLINK - Doctor Who (June 9, 2007)

Unlike most of the other Doctor Who episodes this episode does not center around the Doctor and his companion.

In fact, though the Doctor does play a pivotal role in the episode but he is incidental, the focus instead is on Sally Sparrow.

The episode begins with Sally breaking into an abandoned house to take photographs.

While she’s there she notices the words “Beware” written on the wall and begins to peel back the wallpaper where she finds a message to her, telling her to duck.

Through a series of Easter Eggs the Doctor attempts to send Sally a  message, about the Stone Angels.

I have loved this episode since I first saw it ages ago.

Possibly one of the scariest episodes ever, but just so bloody brilliant!

Don’t Blink. Don’t Even Blink.

Doctor Who – 2005 - Blink

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This episode was an award-winning episode, for “Blink”, Steven Moffat won the BAFTA Craft and BAFTA Cymru awards for Best Writer, as well as the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Directed By: Hettie MacDonald

Written By: Steven Moffat

Suggested Audience: Grades 10+ (This episode is rather scary)

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