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Blood Feud – Alyxandra Harvey (2010)

When you hear the adage, don't judge a book by its cover, they are talking about this book. No, not this cover, this cover is perfectly acceptable, I mean the cover below.

See? It's terrible.

The book however, while bubble gum is actually pretty good.

This is the second in The Drake Chronicles, and oddly, ended up being the first of the series that I read. It could be a read alone, though admittedly events from the first book are referenced  in this one.

Like Hearts at Stake it is told from two perspectives, this time, one of the Drake Brothers, and a Hound Princess.

(See - this cover is horrible!)

Isabeau, known to court as a Hound Princess, had been trapped in a coffin for two centuries after the vampire who changed her, abandoned her.

She’d survived Revolutionary France to die, twice, at the hands of an attractive man in a frock coat.

He was royal prince. Or at least he had been for the week since his mum had killed the old Queen and taken over her throne.

Thrown together to build a treaty between their warring clans against a common enemy, Isabeau and Logan cannot help the intense feelings which they have for each other despite their vastly different backgrounds.

Taking place mostly in the heat of the moment the story also returns occasionally to the 1794 France of Isabeau’s youth. The point of view switches interestingly, and effectively between Logan and Isabeau, allowing the reader to keep up with the complex characters without losing too much to slower moving narrative or descriptions.

The Drake Chronicles Book #2 - Preceded by: Hearts at Stake Followed by: Out for Blood

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Walker Books for Young Readers, June 2010 272 pages ISBN: 9780802720962 Suggested Reading Level: Grade 8+

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