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Boy Meets Boy – David Levithan

Dear Boy Meets Boy… my high school was pretty damn progressive, but even we didn’t have the “Drag Queen Clique.”

First of all, that there was a single drag queen in high school is deeply impressive.

That there is a clique of drag queens and that those drag queens are slightly elitist and dismissive of Infinite Darlene, the star quarterback and the homecoming queen is just… WHERE is this school??

In a town where a group of vegetarians protested and a MacDonald’s became a vegetarian restaurant with veggie nuggets and humus.

I’m in love.

This world, this “delightfully reversed, pro-gay high school,” in a deeply pro gay town.

In this town, there are orange paddle boat ducks named Trixie; the anti-gay exclusion of the Boy Scouts of America results in “Joy Scouts”; where Spiff’s Video Store is filed according to Spiff’s own personal brand of logic: American Pie = Action Adventure, Forest Gump = Pornography; where PFLAG is as big a draw as the PTA.

I want to live in this world, I want to vacation here always, and I want any future offspring to attend school here.

If however you are not delighted with drag queens and a gay quarterback, you are going to have a BAD day, but you should still consider reading this book, you could learn a lot about acceptance, love, and being true to who you are.

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Ember, September 2005 224 pages ISBN: 9780375832994 Suggested Reading Level: Ages 12+

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