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Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black

Tana wakes up after passing out at a house party.

As she walks through the house in a mission to collect her purse, jacket, and boots she finds that she is the only living person in a house full of dead bodies.

All the party-goers are dead, and Tana, passed out in the bathroom, was the only survivor.

While Tana picks her way through dead bodies she reminisces about how her ex-boyfriend would encourage her to kiss other girls in front of him, and the games of sexual roulette with each other. What the hell? I mean really? Everyone is dead in the house are you are thinking about that time your ex wanted to experiment sexually?

I feel like where I thought this story was going would be much more interesting.

I thought we might get a story about a murderess with some dissociative episode who had actually killed a house full of people like in Kingsmen.

But no such luck. 

Apparently the book becomes a story about how vampires are real and have been mostly rounded up and quarantined with humans in cities that were turning into “coldtowns.”

We end up road tripping to a “Coldtown” and things happen and girl triumphs.

The book does have some redeeming qualities. Despite being a bit predictable and a little sad. But then I tend to be hard on books that are Twilight-esque.

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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, September 2013 432 pages ISBN: 9780316213103 Suggested Reading Level: Grade 9+

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