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Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters – Natalie Standiford (2010)

When they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” this might just have been the cover they had in mind.

Smart, interesting, and engaging Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters tells the tale of a large family completely dependent upon the goodwill of the Almighty.

The Almighty, otherwise known as their grandmother, Arden Louisa Norris Sullivan Weems Maguire Hightower Beckendorf.

Christmas Day and the Sullivan’s have been summoned before Almighty, who tells them that one of the Sullivan’s have insulted her, and should the party responsible not pen her a full confession, she will cut the entire, and completely dependent, family out of her will.

So launches the confessions of Norrie, Jane, and Sassy the three Sullivan daughters.

Written in three parts, from the perspective of each sister, love, revenge, and loss define the three confessions, which are directed completely to the singular audience of their grandmother.

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Scholastic Press, September 2010

320 pages

ISBN: 9780545107105

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 9+

Standiford, N. (2010). Confessions of the sullivan sisters. New York: Scholastic Press.

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