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Ghosts of Albion: The Adventures of Tamara Swift – Amber Benson & Christopher Golden (2005)

Siblings William and Tamara Swift inherited more than their grandfather’s house when the old man died.

Their grandfather, who they thought was a stage magician, was actually a soldier who protected Albion, the mystical spirit of Britain.

Newly gifted with everything they need to fight demon monkeys, the walking dead, vampires, and witches, the now magical siblings have the abilities of clairvoyance, astral projection, and teleportation.

The problem is they have to work together. 

With the help of the ghosts of Lord Byron, Queen Bodicea and Admiral Nelson.

Serialized as many small episodes these videos are the penny dreadfuls of the new millennium.

The website has been archived and is no longer being updated, but can be found here: Ghosts of Albion

I WISH there was more of this! I WISH Netflix would pick this up! I loved the idea, I loved the story, and I love that this is one of the projects that Amber Benson worked on after Buffy.

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