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Girls’ Life Magazine – October/November (2010)


Just eww.

I was reading The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussman, where she divulges (before she went to Uganda to discover a war, that she did a brief stint as a celebrity interviewer.

Apparently, celebrities may not be as vapid as originally thought, as a vast amount of celebrity interviews are fictitious.

Personally, I would bet a significant amount of money on the fact that this interview was made up, at least for Nina Dobrev I really hope that’s the case.

Some of the Agony Aunt columns were interesting, and even offering some "useful" advice, particularly those questions which were answered by peers or GL Guys Q&A (2 guys who provide insight from the XY side of the fence).

There were 4 good tips for going veggie (along with suggested reading).

Did you know that a Large MacD’s smoothie has 70 grams of sugar? That’s the same as 2 full sized Snickers bars.

I didn’t know this. But it adds to the terror of McDees.

I also wonder if there is ever anyone who answers “mostly As” or “mostly Cs” for the quizzes, I have always been a “mostly Bs” gal.

Happily enough though, the centerfold was “Teen Read Week Book Club”, featuring Hi/Los, popular, and new books all based on YALSA booklists.

It was also nice to see a new ad for “Girl Talk” the game, which has been completely re-branded for the new millennium.

More than the magazine I think the GL guides are actually useful and interesting. I also think there is truth to the idea that the target audience of magazines is the age demographic below the actual target audience.

Though the target demographic for GL is teens, the readership is clearly grades 6-9.

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