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Hearts at Stake – Alyxandra Harvey (2009)

I began to read The Drake Chronicles out of sequence, and I have to admit that I enjoyed the second one so much that I had to track down and read the first.

It’s bubblegum.

There is no getting around that, but it’s highly enjoyable just the same.

In this novel the point of view shifts between Solange, who four days away from her 16th birthday, and her best friend Lucy.

Solange isn't just any soon-to-be 16-year-old though, she is the youngest child and only female born to a vampire family in 900 years, and Lucy, is the 100% human who has grown up with her best friends vampire older brothers as her own.

Children who have been born to vampire parents (rather then made) face the bloodchange, a time when the vampire takes over, and the human dies.

Dangerous, and sometimes fatal, Solange’s impending bloodchange is made worse by the fact that the entire vampire world is interested in her; either because she is a challenge to the crown, or because they want her as their vampiric brood-mare.

Neither of these prospects are appealing to Solange, who just wants to survive the change, while her best friend Lucy and Solange’s seven ridiculously overprotective brothers work overly hard to ensure her safety, even at the cost of her freedom and at times her sanity.

The Drake Chronicles Book #1 - Also known as: My Love Lies Bleeding Followed by: Blood Feud

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Walker Books for Young Readers, December 2009

256 pages

ISBN: 9780802720740

Suggested Reading Level: Grade 8+

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