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Little Miss Adventures – J. Torres & J. Bone (2002)

I just loved this book.

I can’t help loving novels, comics, books, movies, and television shows that reference other things.

I guess I truly am a geek girl, because I get excited about Easter Eggs (speaking of Easter Eggs you should check out one of the best ever Doctor Who episodes: Blink).

maybe zat’s why. Who is knowink for sure? I am how you zay, a riddle wrapped in an enigma contained in a conundrum. Or maybe I just have a think for twins.

Alison Dare’s mum is an archeologist/adventure (picture a female Indiana Jones) and her father is an awesome librarian who also happens to be the Blue Scarab, one of the coolest superheroes ever.

Indiana Jones meets Librarian meets superheros? Amazing.

  1. a mischievous jinn

  2. how Alison’s parents met

  3. will Alison’s parents get back together?

Just bloody brilliant!

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Oni Press, February, 2002

104 pages

ISBN: 9781929998203

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 4-6

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