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Lost and Found – Oliver Jeffers (2005)

A lovely story about a boy and the penguin which turns up on his doorstep.

Heart warming with a twist.

Full colour illustrations are large, bright, vivid yet fairly simple; conjuring an idea rather than blatant imagery.

It is more important for the reader to understand how very large the ship is then to see the whole ship.

Similarly, for keen eyes, a well placed iceberg provides fantastic clues about where the story might be going, but conveys a sense of “Oh No!” better than any words could.

Perfect story time or bedtime book with a sentence or two on very visually appealing/mildly interactive illustrations.

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Philomel, 2005

32 pages

ISBN: 9780399245039

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Jeffers, O. (2005). Lost and Found. New York: Philomel.

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