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Magic and Other Misdemeanors – Michael Buckley (Author), Peter Ferguson (Illustrator) (2008)

Someone has been stealing the powerful magical possession of some of Ferryport Landing’s most powerful Everafters.

It is up to Sabrina and Daphne to solve this mystery while Relda is distracted by Mayor Heart’s dangerous campaign against Ferryport Landing’s human residents.

The exterminator (Puss in Boots), a radio relationship counsellor (Cinderella), and of course their former nemesis Prince Charming.

But when Prince Charming goes missing after the election, things start to get strange.

When the girls are pulled through a vortex and into the future they know things are getting really bad.

Can Sabrina and Daphne get back to their own time to warn Granny Relda and Uncle Jake what the future holds?

The Sisters Grimm Series Book #5 Followed By: Tales from the Hood

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Amulet Books, 2008

304 pages

ISBN: 9780810972636

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Buckley, M. (2008). Magic and other misdemeanors. New York: Amulet Books.

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