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Matilda (August 28th and September 4th, 2011)

I frequently listen to BBC Radio 4+ (formerly BBC Radio 7) which hosts radio plays and dramatized books.

Matilda is a fantastic example of a wonderfully dramatized book.

Some of the stylistic choices of turning a book into a dramatized book is very different from a radio play, some characters are acted out, though in this example the narrator interacts with Matilda, but also has short targeted interviews with selected characters as well.

The narrator, in this instance at least, also inserts a number of very humourous editorial comments. The narrator rather than just reading the non-dialogue sections allows for conversations between characters while also allowing the story to move ahead much more quickly.

Matilda is of course a fantastic story about an incredibly precocious child who develops telekinesis. This amazing ability allows her to exact humorous revenge upon her horrible and neglectful family as well as helping her lovely teacher, Miss Honey.

A lovely story about one extraordinary but tiny little girl, and the power of one person with a good heart.

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Grove, C. (2009, December). Matilda. BBC Radio 4 Extra. 

BBC Radio 4 Extra, 2011

Directed By: Claire Grove Based on the Book by: Roald Dahl Adapted By: Charlotte Jones Starring: Lenny Henry, Lauren Mote, Emerald O’Hanrahan, and Nichola McAuliffe.

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