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Mila 2.0 – Debra Driza (2014)

So… Mila 2.0 was billed as a “Bourne Identity–style trilogy about a girl who discovers she is actually an android” which is almost infinitely more interesting than the truth.

We start off with musings like these:

… saving his mouth from perfection in an intriguing way.

Wait. What?

He shrugged, a loose-limbed eloquent gesture that almost made words unnecessary.

Really. What?!

The first third of this book is like some bizarro combination of Mean Girls and Clueless  with a VERY over protective mother a la Marlin from Finding Nemo, with Robocop for added flavour.

Boy-obsessed girls who get catty enough with each other have caused serious injury or death.

Girls who are mean enough to get pissy with a girl who lost her father in a horrific house-fire three months earlier.

Really, they are very nice girls from Minnesota.

Mila our ultra introspective heroine who starts to wonder what’s wrong with her when she grabs a friend a little too forcefully. Personally, if a parent of mine had died three months prior and my new best-friend was being an uber-C I might feel guilty, but I don’t think I’d actually wonder what was wrong with me, I’m pretty sure I’d just assume my friend was being an uber-C and I needed to up my mood regulators and get a grip.

Once Mila is outed the whole tone of the book shifts, and admittedly it gets much better.

FINALLY! A mother-daughter adventure, well, at least for awhile.

The adventure picks up, the dumb girl thing takes a bit of a hiatus, and we start to get some actual adventure going.

Mila is the first in a series (of course) but I think I’ll give the rest a miss. There just isn’t enough to make me want to invest in three (possibly plus) more books.

I think it’s because I just can’t handle more girly-girl boy obsession.

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Katherine Tegen Books, April 2014 496 pages ISBN: 9780062090379 Suggested Reading Level: Grade +7

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