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National Geographic Kids – October (2011)

Pet costume ideas, Haunted Vacations, Flying Monsters, this Hallowe’en special has it all.

This issue contains some tips and tricks for making Hallowe’en costumes, clues to follow to solve a few mysteries, also includes reader art work.

It also includes an article about Terrifying Tales from Ancient Greece, an interesting article about a Sloth Rescue facility, an article about real water creatures versus their fictional counterparts, and an article about the truth behind flying dinosaurs.

The Haunted Vacations section features three haunted venues and includes their stories and how to go about taking a tour of these locations.

The myth of the Winchester Mansion, built by Sarah Winchester to combat the ghostly of victims of her husbands invention, the Winchester rifle.

The Eastern State Penitentiary, a penitentiary built when the prevailing idea was that prison inmates should be kept in solitary confinement, that was until a large number went insane.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, which is purportedly  full of giggling ghosts and faces in windows.

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National Geographic Kids. (2011).

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