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Once a Witch – Carolyn MacCullough (2009)

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

On the day Tamsin was born her grandmother declared that she would be the most Talented in the long line of Greene witches.

But seventeen years later, Tamsin’s is still Talentless.

Feeling as though she doesn’t belong with her perfect Talented family, Tamsin has escaped to boarding school in Manhattan where she feels that she can fit in, at least a little.

Dragged back to her family’s bookstore-magic shop outside the city over the holidays a young, handsome professor from NYU mistakes Tamsin for Rowena, her Talented, perfect older sister.

The feeling of being needed, of being able to help someone is more than Tamsin can resist, and so Tamsin doesn’t.

But it isn’t long before Tamsin is in over her head..

Followed by: Always a Witch

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Clarion Books, September, 2009 304 pages ISBN: 9780547223995 Suggested Reading Level: Grade 9+

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