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Once Upon a Crime – Michael Buckley (Author), Peter Ferguson (Illustrator) (2008)

The fourth in The Sisters Grimm series, this book begins seconds after The Problem Child ends.

Puck, still badly injured from his fight with the Jabberwocky, is rushed from Ferryport Landing to the land of Faery, which happens to reside within New York City.

Sabrina is devastated by the prospect that her mother was something other than the woman she was at home.

The more time Sabrina spends in Faery however, the more Sabrina discovers her mother’s critical role as a Grimm.

Sabrina also decides that this is not a life that she’s interested in continuing, the danger and risk are too great, and the more time she and Daphne spend in this world the more Sabrina is convinced that her already small family will become smaller still.

The Grimm’s are pulled into a murder plot, though Relda does make a deal with Sabrina about her future as a Grimm investigator.

The Sisters Grimm Series Book #4 Followed By: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

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Amulet Book, 2008 296 pages ISBN: 9780810995499

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Buckley, M. (2008). Once upon a crime. New York: Amulet books.

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