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Penelope – Marilyn Kaye (2007)

Years ago, Penelope Wilhern’s great-great-great (and some more greats) grandfather betrayed the woman who loves him, sending her to her death, and her mother to cast a curse upon the entire Wilhern line.

The first Wilhern daughter would be born with a terrible curse.

Penelope is that first daughter, and has the snout of a pig as a nose.

In order to break the curse, one of her own must accept her for exactly who she is.

Which leads Penelope’s mother to parade a long line of blue-blooded bachelors in the vain hope that one of them will break the curse. 

A reporter with a vendetta recruits a down-and-out aristocrat in order to snap a picture of the extremely reclusive Wilhelm daughter, but things don’t go according to plan, for anyone.

Inspired to break free of the gilded cage where she’s been living for 25 years Penelope makes a huge splash, and makes friends who accept her as she is, even if she isn’t quite there yet.

Turns the Beauty and the Beast story on its head, examining the lengths people are willing to go for long, vanity, and the discovery of self-worth.

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St. Martin’s Griffin, March 2007

240 pages

ISBN: 9780312375591

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 8-10

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