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Picture the Dead – Adele Griffin & Lisa Brown (2010)

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Written in part as a journal and scrapbook, Picture the Dead features illustrations, newspaper clippings, letters, and trinkets which Jennie has collected over the years.

After months of unrest due to the Civil War Jennie has just learnt that her fiancé, Will, is dead. Jennie has already lost her twin brother, and is living at the mercy of her aunt, half uncle, and Quinn, Will’s newly returned and badly injured brother.

The more Jennie uncovers, the less her world make sense. She is in love with the brother who is dead, but not gone, and developing feelings for the reserved and aloof brother who becomes her saviour against his sometimes cruel and needlessly overbearing mother.

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Sourcebooks Fire, May, 2010

272 pages

ISBN: 9781402237126

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 6-10

Griffin, A. & Brown, L. (2010). Picture the dead. New York: Sourcebooks Fire.

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