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Ripple – Mandy Hubbard (2011)

The night of her sixteenth birthday Lexi’s world changed forever, it is the night she killed the man she loved.

Two years later, every day is a trial as Lexi suffers through the school day, and every night she swims.

Her old friends hate her, resentful and sure as they are that she was responsible for the death of the Steven, the popular football player who drowned mysteriously two years before.

Oh the power of shunning.

Having experienced this hurtful social tool I was able to sympathize with Lexi in her abject isolation.

Having been effectively shut off from everyone in her life, Lexi is alone.

Until Cole, Steven’s best friend starts to notice her, pulling her unwilling back into the world.

The truth still hangs between them, the truth about what happened to Steven, the truth about what she is.

But then she meets someone who knows exactly who she is, and vows that if they can learn to love each other they will both be set free from the curses that bind them.

I must admit that this love triangle did not resolve in the way that I thought it would, well not at first anyway.

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Razorbill, 2007 260 pages ISBN: 9781595144232

Suggested Reading Level: Grade 9-10

Hubbard, M. (2007). Ripple. New York: Razorbill.

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