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Rupert (1995 & 1997)

Rupert and Mum’s Adventure Rupert  – Season Four (1995)

Rupert and Mum are on their way to Nutchester to do some shopping when they encounter Pong Ping, who invites them to join him as he visits the Emperor to attend the annual Peach Blossom Festival in China.

Rupert learns a lot about his mum (like that she speaks enough Chinese to be polite). While Pong Ping learns where Rupert’s sense of adventure comes from.

Followed By: Rupert’s Christmas Adventure

Rupert and Queen Bess Rupert  – Season Five (1997)

Rupert drops by to visit Ottoline (who never uses the stairs) at Nutwood Manor where they find an old tapestry full of potential distant relatives of the current Nutwood Village.

When Rupert and Ottoline fall through the tapestry they quickly discover that they are no longer in their own Nutwood, particularly when they meet William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth (Call Me Bess).

Followed By: Rupert and the Water Works

Based on the character Rupert Bear written by Mary Tourtel

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Written by: Patrick Granleese Storyboard: Storyboard: Lyndon Ruddy & Stephanie Gigna; Mike Csunyoscka & Dave Thomas

Directed By: Gary Hurst and Dale Schott

Suggested Audience: G

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