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Seussville – Dr. Seuss Website

Seussville is a website dedicated to children, parents, and educators   showcasing all things Seuss.

For children there is a helter-skelter world, not unlike a Seuss book, where you can move seamlessly from Whoville, to McElligot’s Pool, to the Jungle of Nool.

There is a wide variety of activities, and games on this completely interactive site, including special bits and bobs about the stories themselves, such as the Who Pudding Recipe that I found (and intent to make over the holidays).

For Parents there is a section on how (and which books) to read to your children, which books are perfectly suited to which age groups; A scholarship section with information about the Oh, The Places You’ll Go college scholarship; and a section with Earth friendly tips from the Lorax about making your house greener, and how to get your children involved.

For Educators there are lesson plans, activities, book breakdowns, and events and programs.

I found the site a little chaotic, but it is Dr. Seuss, so that might go with the territory. It is of course fun, and should be checked out: Take me to Seussville!

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