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Sleepless Beauty – Frances Minters (Author) & G. Brian Karas (Illustrator) (1996)

Sleepless Beauty is a fun twist upon the Sleeping Beauty story.

Little Beauty is a fantastic story about a girl who lives in New York with her family, and the cranky witch who wasn’t invited to her christening.

The cranky witch casts a spell on Little Beauty that when she was 14 she would prick her finger on something sharp, where she and everyone around her would fall asleep for one hundred years.

Little Beauty however has a plan for how to conquer this particular problem.

A solution that is both unexpected and clever.

Written in rhyme, the story has a beatnik feel, but all the modern amenities.

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Scholastic Press, 1996

32 pages

ISBN: 9780670870332

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 3-8

Minters, F. (1996). Sleepless Beauty (G. B. Karas, Illus.). New York: Viking.

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