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Star Wars: A Scanimation Book – Rufus Butler Seder (2010)

Iconic Scenes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

For those of us who love Star Wars, this book is a must to ensure the continuity of Star Wars fandom.

There is not much text, just the quote which belongs to the scene on the opposite page, but those scenes!

Seder picked 11 scenes from the Star Wars trilogy and these scenes animate as the page moves.

Fun and rather ingenious, however I feel that this board book is best suited to either an older audience or at least one familiar with Star Wars.

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Workman Publishing Company, 2010 13 pages ISBN: 9780761158462 Suggested Reading Level: Ages 5-10

Seder, R.B. (2010). Star Wars: A scanimation book. New York: Workman Publishing.

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