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The China Garden – Liz Berry (1994)

A-levels are over, summer is here, and a crumbling manor in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere is not where Meredith was anticipating on spending her summer. 

Meredith’s mum is being weird, secretive, and almost eager to get rid of her.

Hurt Meredith demands to go with her, instead of staying in London as planned.

Now she's spending the summer to a remote country village where her mum will be working as a private nurse, rather than staying at her best friend’s in London until she leaves for college.

In this remote country village everyone seems to know her and her mother, even though Meredith has never heard of this place before, and thought her mum grew up in London.

Not only are the locals overly welcoming, but there is a boy on a bike who won’t stay away or stop calling her his Rosy, and she keeps being drawn into the China Garden late at night.

Threading fantasy, history, and mythology together in a quaint country village where secrets and trials have been mounting for a generation.

One of my favourite books, I read it every year. It never fails to make me happy and to remind me of what is important in my own life.

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Harper Teen, 1999

288 pages

ISBN: 9780380732289

Suggested Reading Level: Grades 9+

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