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The Complete Father Christmas- Raymond Briggs (1973 & 1975)

Father Christmas

I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with The Snowman but for me it has always been Briggs’ Father Christmas.

According to Briggs’ Father Christmas is a curmudgeonly older man who lives alone in the North Pole with his cat, his dog, and of course his reindeer.

Father Christmas begins on the morning of the 24th of December and follows Father Christmas through the night and into the next day.

This Father Christmas has a distinct dislike of the cold, and snow. In fact you can see posters in the corners of some panels advertising tropical Capri and Malta. He swears (“@!!!xxx*@! Blooming Christmas again”), he loves a good drop of ale, and a lovely spot of brandy.

Father Christmas Goes on Holiday

Father Christmas Goes on Holiday begins later in the year. Still alone with his cat, his dog, and his reindeer in the cold, but now it is Spring, and Father Christmas is tending to the garden, when he decides to go on holiday to France. When in France he decides to go to Scotland, and once in Scotland he decides to go to Las Vegas. Everywhere he does however he is never really happy. Until he returns to his animals and his life.

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Hamish Hamilton Ltd (October 1, 1978) 64 pages ISBN: 9780241100363

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 9+

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