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The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins (2008)

I know, hot topic.

But I would like to state that this is my second time reading the Hunger Games, and truthfully, I feel much the same way I did the first time.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is fast paced, captivating, quite well-written, and if you can over look Stephanie Meyer’s brilliant contribution on the cover (“This book is amazing”), then you really are in for a good read.

The story is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in District 12 in what was once the Appalachians of North America. Other than famine and floods we don’t really know what happened to the world as we know it, but Katniss sees a very different world.

Here there are 12 Districts. These 12 Districts are all in service to The Capitol, the further away from the capitol you are, the more impoverished and difficult your life is, and for Katniss, it has been very difficult keeping her mother, herself, and her younger sister Prim alive.

A rebellion some three-quarters of a century past has resulted in the Hunger Games. The Capitol requires one boy, and one girl from each district who are then put in a giant landscaped arena, and forced to fight, to the last tribute standing. The winner, the one that lives, will have wealth and influence and will bring prosperity back to their own District, at least until the next year.

It is reality television gone horribly, tragically wrong and we are in Katniss’ head as she tries to come to terms with being stuck in the middle of something she always thought was morally reprehensible.

For me, the series ended with book one. Even though it is a bit of a cliffhanger I feel that there is no possible resolution that can come of fighting friends and enemies to the death.

I started the series again to see if I felt differently, and I don’t.

However, I will read the rest of the books, because that is what the author intended.

But for now, go well, and may the odds be EVER in your favour.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Book #1 Followed By: Catching Fire

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Scholastic, 2008 384 pages ISBN: 9780439023528

Suggested Reading Level: Grade 8-9

Collins, S. (2008). The hunger games. New York: Scholastic.

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