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The Unusual Suspects – Michael Buckley (Author), Peter Ferguson (Illustrator) (2005)

The second book in The Sisters Grimm series, this book begins seconds after The Fairy-tale Detectives ends.

Sabrina and Daphne under duress start to go to school.

Daphne is deliriously happy, and who wouldn’t be with Snow White as a teacher?

Sabrina on the other hand is decidedly less happy, her teacher Mr. Grumpner is mean, short-tempered, and belittles his perpetually napping students.

Sabrina is not sure that Ferryport Landing Elementary is all it seems, particularly when Mr. Grumpner turns up dead.

The Grimm family begins to investigate Mr. Grumpner’s death, but at every turn Sabrina is losing her temper, growing angrier and angrier.

This book was a little more difficult to get into, I find it difficult to read about very angry children. The Unusual Suspects does suffer from some of the drawbacks of being the second book in a series, but it makes up for it in the end with an amazing cliff-hanger, so be sure to have the third book in hand!

The Sisters Grimm Series Book #2 Followed By: The Problem Child

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Amulet Books, 2005

290 pages

ISBN: 9780810959267

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Buckley, M. (2005). The unusual suspects. New York: Amulet books.

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