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Waterfall – Lisa T. Bergren (2011)

For this review I should be very clear about two things:

  1. I listened to the audio book instead of reading it

  2. I emphatically dislike reading religious books in disguise.

That being said, I’m sorry to whoever was doing the audio, but my god it was awful.

I cannot tell if the writing is terrible, or if it was just the voice actor reading.

I found Lea’s voice like nails on a chalkboard, not to mention feeling like I was way to much in Gabi’s head.

The men’s voices were so unbelievably contrived, the Italian accents overall were just terrible.

I also find it annoying that this book is a religious tract in disguise.

I don’t mind reading Inspirational Books (code for Christian fiction) when I know that is exactly what I’m getting into – but I really don’t like having it foisted upon me.

I love a good time travel book, but why is it that people who go back in time think it is appropriate to act exactly as they do in current times, and to be enraged when their actions are, well, inappropriate.

I love that Gabi is a strong female character, she sword-fights and is named the “She-Wolf of Normandy” for her battlefield prowess, which is wicked, but man. Gabi is always strong-willed and single-minded, almost to the point of annoyance, so her skill with a sword is not unexpected.

Her dainty, helpless, and naïve younger sister Lea however, is apparently a maven with a bow and arrows, and despite her fragile naiveté has no problem joining battles and cutting down men.

I am curious to know if I would feel differently about this book if I had read the book myself, but sadly I will never know. That being said, I would like to know what would happen to Gabi, Marcello, Lea, and Luca, but not enough to read three more books in the four book series.

The River of Time Series Book #1 Followed By: Cascade

I would recommend instead:

  • Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden

  • Short-Straw Bride – Karen Witemeyer (Declared Inspirational Fiction)

  • Enchanted – Alethea Kontis

Oasis, 2012 384 pages ISBN: 9781598598681

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 8+

Bergren, L.T. (2012). Waterfall. New York: Oasis.

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