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Why I Let My Hair Grow Out – Maryrose Wood (2007)

This book has an awful lot going on.

It starts out shortly after Morgan’s self-absorbed (and mildly emotionally abusive) boyfriend breaks up with her.

Morgan’s parents, in an attempt to pull her out of the “phase” (in which she shaved her head and dyed the stubble stripped orange) send her to Ireland for a week-long bike tour.

Now, this book would be pretty great as a story which involves a 16-year-old recovering from a breakup in Ireland with a pretty good-looking, mildly older, Irish bloke in the offing.

But then the fairies come in.

Apparently, every time Morgan (of shaved orange head) passes out, she ends up in Ireland in some far distant time where she is recognized as Morganne (of the long and lovely strawberry-blonde locks) and a half-goddess to boot.

The book (at times) has a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court feel about it (maybe it’s intentional, Morgan is from Connecticut), particularly when she suggests a battle be decided by a football match rather than actually bloodshed.

I did really enjoy this book, but I can’t stop the niggling feeling that there are actually two really good stories here, that are being forced into one book.

All of that being said, I still ordered the sequel from the library, even before I finished writing the review.

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Berkley Trade, March 2007

218 pages

ISBN: 9780425213803

Suggested Reading Level: Grade 7+

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