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Won Ton and Chopstick: A Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku - Lee Wardlaw (2015)

My husband and I already had two cats when we decided to adopt a dog. If my cats could speak in Haiku, at least one of them would behave exactly like Won Ton.

Hey, Pest! Heed my hiss! My blankie. My bowl. My boy. Trespassers bitten.

This book is a very adorable sequel to the first Won Ton book. More haikus, more adorable insights into dog and cat behaviour.

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Henry Holt, 2015

31 pages

ISBN: 9780805099874

Suggested Reading Level: Ages 0-8 #poetry #poems #haiku #rhymes #kitty #femaleauthor #americanauthor #dog #chopstick #mummycat #onedaytheend #itsonlystanley

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