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Zombie Blondes – Brian James (2008)

I have yet to finish this book.

In fact, I might not finish this book.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to, but I’ve got this strange mental block about reading a book that I’m iffy about when I have a stack of amazing looking books sitting in a pile on my floor and due back at the library shortly.

All of that being said, I’ve read enough to be able to get the gist of the book across.

Hannah has been moving from town to town in her father’s wake for at least six years.

They land in a town, Hannah starts at a new school, and there life is relatively settled until the creditors, or police, or both find them, and they have to move again.

On her first day at Maplecrest Hannah meets Lucas. Lucas has a strange story to tell her about the popular cheerleader types who run the school.

So invested in fitting in, or at least making her time at Maplecrest a little less horrible, when Hannah is invited to join the cheerleading squad she leaps at the chance, despite the number of classmates and townspeople who continue to disappear.

James uses zombies as a tool to address issues of bullying, ostracism, fitting in, and making friends as a commentary about high school politics.

Let's be honest, this book is trite and unoriginal. I'm not going to finish it, and it's unlikely that I will ever feel guilty about it. Read Mila 2.0 instead, it's less of a zombie Stepford Wives fantasy.

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Feiwel & Friends, June 2008 240 pages ISBN: 9780312372989 Suggested Reading Level: Grades 7-10

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