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Zombies Calling – Faith Erin Hicks (2007)

Rule # 1: In zombie movies the ordinary person will become an extraordinary hero upon encountering the zombies.

Rule #2: One of the survivors will sacrifice themselves for the rest of the survivors in order to distract the zombies.

Rule #3: Wait out the zombie apocalypse in a secure location. Do not leave this secure location.

Rule #4: The survivors always fight the zombies.

Rule #5: Guns will be readily available once the zombies have made contact.

Rule #6: Zombies are not referred to as “zombies.”

Rule #7: The phone lines are always dead.

Rule #8: No one comes to rescue the survivors until they have rescued themselves.

These are the ultimate rules of zombie movies. The rules that Joss knows better the answers on her English exam.

Using the rules as an unerring guide, Joss leads her friends Sonnet and Robyn to survive the zombie apocalypse at their southern Ontario university.

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SLG Publishing, November 2007

104 pages

ISBN: 9781593620790

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