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Remembrance Day: On The Home Front

War has such an all-encompassing impact, we hear about the soldiers and the men and women on the front lines, but what about their families at home desperate for news? What about the effect on whole countries' food and goods rationing, and the prevalence of the black market? What about the regular garden variety crime and criminals?, they don't disappear just because people struggle to do their bit for King and country.

Foyle's War

Season One, DVD (2009)

Crime and criminals do not stop just because the country is at war. Understaffed and frequently impeded by superiors who remind him, “there’s a war on.” Christopher Foyle struggles to maintain justice and order even when surrounded by murderers, profiteers and xenophobes.

When It Was Our War

A Soldier's Wife on the Home Front
Stella Suberman (2003)

Stella Suberman tells her story of following her husband from airbase to airbase, alone, as he trained before being sent overseas to fly combat missions. Whether it’s having her luggage stolen, or being kicked off the train to make room for soldiers, or being arrested for soliciting, Stella is determined to follow her husband. Until she, like so many other soldiers' wives, returns home to wait.

War in the St. Lawrence

The Forgotten U-Boat Battles on Canada's Shores
Roger F. Sarty (2012)

The only battle of the 20th Century to take place within Canada’s boundaries, it was the only battle to be fought almost exclusively by Canadian forces under Canadian, rather than alliance, high command during WWII. New war records indicate that Canada mounted a successful defence against a much greater challenge than previously known.

The Bletchley Circle

Cracking a Killer's Code

DVD (2012)

Feeling lacking in her role as a post-war housewife, former Nazi code cracker Susan Gray becomes obsessed with a series of murders; murders she believes are all connected. Gray recruits her fellow Bletchley Park cohorts and together they set about finding a serial killer.

The Secret Lives of Codebreakers

The Men and Women Who Cracked the Enigma Code at Bletchley Park
Sinclair McKay (2012)

In 1938 the sprawling 58 acre country estate of Bletchley Park was procured by the head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6’s predecessor) for the use of the service in the event of war. All staff signed the Official Secrets Act, preventing them from discussing any part of their work with anyone, because “Careless Talk Costs Lives.” Without the work of Bletchley Park not only could the war have lasted another two-four years, but we may not have had the pioneering influence of the father of computer science, Alan Turing.

Murder on the Home Front

DVD (2013)

A fictional look at murder and mayhem during the height of the 1940s London Blitz. Murder on the Home Front focuses on a Home Office pathologist and his newly recruited assistant.

A Bespoke Murder

The Home Front Detective Series
Edward Marston (2013)

With so many men away at the front who is solving and deterring crimes at home? Edward Marston tries to imagine what would happen when the illustrious Scotland Yard is overstretched and there are crimes to solve in his Home Front Detective series. 

Land Girls

DVD (2010)

With the entire country on rations, and the arrival of provisions from Canada and the U.S. under threat from fleets of U-boats, food is a huge concern. Enter the Women’s Land Army, women who worked on British farms during World War II to aid the war effort.

Women in the Second World War

Neil R. Storey

Code-breaking, nursing, munitions and land army–women had huge roles in the Second World War.

The Bombers and the Bombed

Allied Air War Over Europe, 1940-1945
R.J. Overy (2013)

The London Blitz is famous, but what about the Allied bombing of Germany and German occupied Europe? This book explores the effects of the bombing campaigns carried out during World War II.

Home Fires

DVD (2015)

Women’s Institute (or WI) were groups of ordinary women in towns and villages all across Great Britain who organized to contribute to the country’s war effort. From organizing rubber drives, to making jam, it was all to aid the effort, and help keep the home fires burning.


Don't Forget to Write

The True Story of An Evacuee and Her Family
Pam Hobbs (2009)

A memoir of the experiences of a 10 year old child evacuated from Leigh-on-Sea to rural Derbyshire with her sister in 1940. A remembrance of the four billets the girls had over the two year period away from their parents.

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